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What can 3hut do?

Welcome to 3Hut, the Irish home of serious and silly illustration.
Here at 3Hut, we use captivating images to present ideas from the zany to the corporate. Whether bitmap or vector, digital or traditional, we provide the visual. And with a strong background in design, we can take care of that too.

Did you know that Illustration is the hottest growing trend for modern website design & marketing materials?

An eye-catching illustration will always be the first element to captivate a viewer. No other medium can capture an idea in such a unique and timeless way and with such versatility. Abstract concepts can be represented by an impactful image. And bizarre and unearthly visions can be brought to life in a most enchanting way.
In an age of modern technology, Illustration can still very much hold it's own!

Digital Illustration

We can create vector or bitmap illustrations, dependent on the style, size or technical requirements.

Traditional Drawing

Sometimes a project needs a more subtle approach. We still use traditional drawing skills when required.

Graphics & Design

We have many years of professional experience in Visual Communications, Graphics & Ux/Ui Design.

Our Portfolio

Samples from our portfolio

Take a look around and make yourself at home. Here are just a few samples of illustration work from 3hut.

Who are you anyway?

Meet the illustrator

3hut Illustration - Award-winning Design and Illustration

Our artist at 3hut has a 1st class honours degree in UX/UI Design, Development & Innovation, as well as an honours degree in Design Communications & a College Student of the Year award. She has worked in Ireland and the Netherlands for various clients, including high-traffic software companies, international gaming companies and diverse freelance clients and illustration agencies.

Born with a pencil in her hand (or probably a crayon), she is in her element either illustrating or designing. Contact her to discuss any project, big or small. Or give her a shout here if you would prefer to see samples of her design work.

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Hope to chat soon, Grainne

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We can offer friendly advice with no obligation and look forward to saying hello.

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